We’ve moved 7 times in our 21 years of marriage. (Yes, we are retired military. Not under witness protect or running from the law as my mother likes to think.) Sometimes we’d stay for only a few months, sometimes for many years. In the last 16 years it was for the privilege of being homeowners.

This past move to Colorado Springs about 8 years ago, we wanted to find a place that would of course not lose value, be a safe area and have good schools. Yes, us and everyone else in the homebuying market. My husband started with the question, hmmm… what is the zip code of the Apple Store in the city? How would I know? Why should I care? We have used Apple products since my dad bought me an Apple IIe computer in high school. That goes to show you how old I am! Yes, we love Apple, but what does that have to do with buying a home? His logic was that if we started there, that would get us on the right track for what area of town we could start looking at since we really didn’t know anything about Colorado Springs. Why? Because Apple stores don’t just pop up randomly. The people at corporate do endless market research as to the demographics of people who would buy from their stores and they locate them.

So that’s where we started. We didn’t end there because we looked at many, many homes outside of that zip code, but that’s where we ended up finding our home, which is about 2 miles down the street from the Apple store. So how often do we actually go to that store? Hardly ever! Maybe a half dozen times in the 8 years here. We buy everything online.

Just in case you’re curious. The zip code for the Apple store in Colorado Springs is 80920.