134. That’s the number of days on the market of the house we bought. Finished basement, two story and quite clean. So why? Why was this house on the market for so long? When you walked in and took a whiff, the smell of a distinct ethnic food may have been one of the contributing factors for its longevity in a market where average days on market was …. 

It smelled like garlic was the main staple in this household. It was mainly on the first level, but the smell had definitely permeated into more parts of the house. We had no idea if this was the reason, but the house itself was in great shape. Our realtor assured us that all it needed was an airing out, cleaning of the drapes, steam cleaning the carpet and not cooking what the previous owners cooked. OK we said. We’ll give it a try. Sure enough, 3 weeks after moving, simply steam cleaning the carpets and leaving the windows open really did the trick. Our house didn’t smell anymore. It was such a strong smell that we didn’t believe that the smell could be gone so easily, but it disappeared. 

Beware, though, food smells are not the same as buying the house with a thousand cats! Animals smells are a different case altogether. That would definitely be more work. Although for the right price, the house with a thousand cats will eventually sell too.