“Some People Look for a Beautiful Place. Others Make a Place Beautiful.”

I read that in a classroom the other day. It reminded me of buying a home. As we moved around quite a bit, we would take a look at 20 – 30 homes within a span of 4 days. By the end of that, my task, according to my husband was to pick one. I guess that’s ok and easy to do when you are talking about a pair of shoes, but how can we just “pick one” when we are talking about a place to call home?

If we didn’t pick one in the four days we had, we would not be able to move straight into a home from our last location. That meant there would be “temporary housing” involved and basically moving twice. Neither of us wanted to deal with moving our stuff twice so we’d go into the house hunting trip with the mindset that we’d find a house.

Would we find the “perfect” house? Turns out we never FOUND the perfect house. We MADE the perfect house. We found a house that we could work with and turn it into something beautiful. There are definitely the non-negotiables as we searched, but we found that if we were flexible with a few items and had a creative vision for the house, we could be happy with a house and picking one wasn’t as difficult as initially imagined.

We weren’t settling for anything, however, we were compromising on a few items since we had a budget. So I suppose when you start looking for a house to call “home sweet home”, think about how you can Make a Place Beautiful.