This is a follow up to my blog last month about making your home beautiful and perfect for your family.

What happens when you get ready to sell? Well what you made “beautiful” may not be exactly what a buyer will see as beautiful. They may get distracted by what you’ve done to the home. Listen to your agent and your stager if you have one. Really listen. Listen without allowing your ego to get in the way or taking anything personally. These folks are professionals and most have only your best interest in mind. Trust their opinions. If they say you need to put away that sculpture that Uncle Henry carved for you as a wedding present, wrap it up and put it in a box so that it’s already ready for the move. In fact you’ll probably be asked to already look for moving boxes and pack much of your house up. What about that tropical paradise you created in your bedroom so you could feel the ocean in the middle of a home in Arizona? Best to put that décor away too.

Getting a home ready to show is the opposite of making a home livable. Nobody actually lives in a show home, however that’s what it takes to get it sold for a great price in a short amount of time. Starting with that viewpoint in your head will make it much easier to make your home show ready.