Do I really want to know what my other 4,000+ neighbors are up to? Actually yes.

The GOOD. You can really get to know your neighborhood by using the Next Door forum. That is, if you can put up with all the other junk that shows up.

You can use Next Door to:

  • Find out about fun events a neighbor is putting on. Last year I found out that Handel’s Messiah was playing at a local church and decided to go. It would have gone on without me had I not seen it. Wow was it a great performance!
  • Advertise your business. This is not as easy as it used to be to do, but you could offer up some sort of informational post and add your business to it. Make it useful for everyone.
  • Learn about crime. Yes, this is the biggie. We learned about all the break-ins, doorbell ditching, strangers driving by, solicitors, and armed robberies in the neighborhood. It can make you paranoid, but you are certainly more aware. My favorite was the door bell ditching by unsuspecting teenagers who didn’t see the HD camera installed pointed at their faces. “Is this your teenager?”
  • Learn about city government events or notifications. Actually this is helpful because we don’t watch the local news or get the newspaper. I found out about a master plan bike planning meeting in my area that I could participate in.

I just set my notifications for once a day and it seems to work well for me to scan the days notices.


The BAD? More email in your inbox than you know what to do with sometime. Or TMI (too much information).


The UGLY! Well just like other social media, people can not adequately convey the right sentiment in writing. Sometimes they are downright mean. If there’s an argument that starts and a thread is 100 posts long with two people arguing with each other, I stop receiving notices about that particular thread.